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Private Initiative Marshall Plan Launches for the New Haiti

I have been working in Haiti since Christmas 1999. That New Year's Eve I hired my first staff -- my first local partner -- with a handshake at the Oloffson Hotel in Port-au-Prince. From the start I have been frustrated at the state of this historic country and the formidable challenges to effect positive social change there. It seemed impossible even before the quake.

After a decade of service working on the ground with children -- primarily in Gonaives and Jacmel -- I have had to face a brutal truth: orphan care alone is hardly sufficient to meet the needs of this impossibly impoverished nation. The earthquake of January 12, 2010 crystallized my thoughts, leading me to create an

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Tips on Excavation for New Driveways

Excavation is the most important step in the construction of new driveways. An improperly excavated drive will be falling apart in a few years, costing you much more in repairs than a proper installation would have in the first place. Invest in this process to ensure your driveway will be sturdy and strong for years to come.

How Deep to Dig?

There are three factors that determine how deeply the excavation will need to go. The type of soil, the style of driveway and the size or shape of it are all factors in this portion of the project. An experienced contractor will take these things into account when calculating the depth required. There needs to plenty of room for both the drainage bedding and foundation of the new driveway.

Is Machinery Necessary?

The excavation may be done by hand in some situations, but that will depend mainly on the extent of the excavation and the type of soil. At least some of the digging will be done by hand, but it's best to assume that at least a portion of it will require the use of machinery. Be sure that your neighbours are informed of the work that is going to be happening at your home, since the machinery may be loud and take up parking room on the street.

Removal of the Existing Driveway

For concrete drives or tarmac surfaces the contractor will likely bring in a pneumatic drill to break up the surface. A digger will also be used to cart away the heavy chunks and quite likely a bin or a dump truck will be needed to cart the rubble away. Some of this can be used for recycling purposes, but often the cost of removal and disposal is a fair portion of the overall cost of the project.

Surrounding Conditions

It's very likely that the lawn and gardens surrounding new driveways will not survive the installation process. Due to the heavy work happening around them, the traffic from machinery and the workers may cause some damage. Beware of this risk and move any tender plants and bushes well before the project starts. Transplant them back to the new location after all the work is completed and you have replenished the soil with organics.

Excavation is a necessary part in the construction of new driveways. It may be a lengthy, costly and possibly slightly destructive process, but in taking the time to do it properly your contractor will be providing the optimum base for your new driveway.

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Army corrections in Mannheim: past, present, future.

Today, the city of Mannheim, Germany, is more than 500 years old.

It was established at the confluence of the Rhine and Neckar rivers in

western Germany in 1507. Due to the ease of inland water transportation

and the Rhine River valley's superb agricultural production, the

city rapidly expanded. Just before the Industrial Age, the city's

fertile ground and ability to transport water combined with a growing

population that included local inventors and entrepreneurs, leading the

city to economic significance by the late 19th century.


In 1940, Mannheim became one of the first major industrial centers

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Volkswagen Survives World War 2

Volkswagen is an auto manufacturer based out of Wolfsburg, Germany. Translated literally, Volkswagen means "People's Car" and has an inauspicious beginning to say the least. Unfortunately for the company it would be linked is people's minds for many years with Adolf Hitler. While it seems to have shed this negative connotation in the years after World War II, it wasn't always that way.

Ferdinand Porsche was contacted by Hitler because he was interested in a vehicle that was suited for working class people. Several designs were discussed and after working with Han Ledwinka who later designed the KdF-wagen in 1938, Porsche finally agreed to help Hitler create the "peoples car".

An advertising campaign was developed through which people were encouraged to save five marks per week toward the purchase of their own car. This was an investment program founded by Volkswagen to help people purchase their own vehicles. After World War II, when Germany was divided into East Germany and West Germany, Volkswagen's headquarters and Factory wound up in West Germany. Volkswagen went on to honor savings agreements held by individuals in West Germany only. The Volkswagen Beetle was the first car produced by the company and by 1936 already has the distinctive round shape that would make the car famous.

The Volkswagen factory was completed in before the war started however, none of the vehicles produced was ever delivered to any of the original savings holders. The only one produced by the factory pre war to find its way into the hands of a driver was the one presented to Hitler for his 49th birthday. It was a type 1 convertible that was presented on April 20, 1938.

Once Germany entered the war all factories including Volkswagen were switched over to produce military vehicles only. Throughout the war, Volkswagen continued to produce utility vehicles for the war effort. In 1945, the Americans captured the factory and handed it over to the British for utilization and occupation. It was placed into the hands of British Army Major Ivan Hirst. Had not Hirst seen the potential in the former military plant, the factory would have no doubt been reduced to rubble in the intent to see Germany stripped of most of its industrial capabilities. It was Hirst who saw the value of continuing to produce military vehicles at the plant. At one time, to get his point across to high-ranking officers, Major Hirst painted one of factories cars green as a demonstration for the British Army's top brass. The war had caused a shortage of light vehicles all over the planet and Britain was not spared. Immediately, British top army officers saw the potential and ordered 20,000 vehicles immediately.

The ability to produce this many vehicles was quite a feat considering how much damage had been sustained by the heavy bombing that had occurred near the end of the war.

Soon both the company and the town had changed its names and production of the round vehicles continued at an increased pace. The factory was actually slated to be dismantled and shipped to Britain for reassembly. Fortunately, for Volkswagen, no one in Britain wanted the German car factory. The Morgenthau Plan called for removal of all German war potential by disassembling all of Germany's heavy industry. This plan was later scrapped when it was eventually realized as an unattainable goal.

By: Ronnie Tanner

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

Ronnie Tanner is a contributing writer at SW Engines. He writes about used Volkswagen engines and other industry specific topics.

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Floyd Collins: The Loneliest Death

"Darkness is my friend. It's about my only friend . . . "

--Vic Dillinger, The Black Orchid

The human itch for exploration can lead to wondrous discoveries or tragic disasters.

Ernest Shackleton's 1914 Antarctic expedition aboard his ship Endurance resulted in an ice-bound vessel and an entire crew stranded in the most remote corner of the planet. Shackleton, though, through his heroic leadership and bravery, managed to lead his men to safety with no loss of life after many months adrift on an ice floe.

A journey of discovery equals death for some, however.

The earth below can be as inhospitable and remote as the farthest Arctic outposts. For amateur spelun

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